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50 Biblical Stories to Help Us Grow
Welcome! The purpose of this study is to enjoy some of the biblical stories as we spend time in self- isolation. Many of these stories will be known to you and will be an opportunity to re-study these stories at this time. Other stories may be new to you and are opportunities to grow in new ways. Biblical study is the chance to listen to God speaking to us now from the story. The biblical stories, although written centuries ago, are living stories which means they have a way of informing and instructing our lives at this moment and help us to hear what God is saying to us today.
Meta Story Bible Study
A Meta story bible study is a different way of engaging the stories within the scriptures. It is a form of study that encourages us to explore the deeper level of our minds and reveals what is looming in our subconscious. Usually when we study the bible stories, we try to relate to one part or person in the story. For instance, in the story of the good Samaritan, (Luke 10 - who helps the wounded person on the road to Jericho), I may think that I relate to the good Samaritan who helps the man in need.
Generally, we gloss over the other individuals in the story. I might think – I would never be like the “robbers” or the “priest” or “Levite” who walks by and does nothing. The reality is that deeper inside you there are parts that do not want to help others in need or a part that “at times” wants to hurt others. The question is how do we handle these parts within us. These parts of us drive from the subconscious are often called - the shadow side of our personality. This is the part of us we hide from ourselves and often project onto others. Hiding or ignoring these parts within us is very problematic and unhealthy because it moves us to becoming self-righteous. Self righteousness was one of the greatest issues Jesus had to deal with in the lives of the religious people of his time.
When I was completing my internship in the Kingston penitentiary during my training years – the Chaplin always asked us – “How are you like these inmates?” Then he would say: “But for the grace of God there goes I”. It is a challenging aspect of the Christian life to identify the parts within us that are not like Christ – and then to acknowledge them.
The meta story bible study technique helps us view ourselves within the entire story - you are the story. It will give us the opportunity to honestly see ourselves in new light and then provide an opportunity to acknowledge and confess our short comings and weakness. It will also help us to affirm the positive qualities within us and strengthen our faith journey and our desire to be like Christ.
I hope you will have the courage to do try this new way of studying the scriptures and to grow in your faith.
The overall goal of these stories is to help you grow. Please resist the temptation to read all the stories at once – so you can say “I finished”. Studying more then one story each day will be less then effective. Each story needs time to help you grow. So simply focus on one story per day.
I will be sending you new biblical stories on Sunday evening each week, with accompanying questions. The goal is to read the story and then ponder the story throughout the day. Begin by reading the story each morning, and respond to the questions. Let the story simmer in your mind throughout the day. Re-read the story in the evening and add any insight or thoughts that have arisen. Add any new thoughts or insights to your reflection page.
If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to email me. I hope you enjoy the stories and this venture!