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Holy Week Scripture Passages 2020

Holy week is unique time in the life of Christians. It is a time of personal reflection with respect to the journey of Christ between the moment he entered into Jerusalem and the events of his betrayal, crucifixion and resurrection. It is a time to think deeply about life itself, our relationship with Christ and what you and I are called to do as Christians living at this time and in this place.
The purpose of these Scripture passages is to help you hear the stories once again. There are four Scripture passages for each day. One Old Testament reading; a Psalm; an epistle lesson and a lesson from the Gospels.
During this time of social isolation, you and I have an opportunity to spend more time with the scriptures and grow in our faith. So turn off the television, cell phones, tablets and spend some time in the word. These passages are a chance to listen to the stories once again and to ask the question?

Preparation for Study
1) Find a place where you will not be interrupted.
2) Spend a few moments in silence.
3) Offer a short prayer asking for the Holy Spirit to give you new insights and  a deeper level of faith.
4) Read each passage separately. After each reading, be still and be aware of the thoughts that become triggered off by the story.
5) Read the passage again out loud so you can hear the words through your ears.
6) After the reading of each passage respond to the questions below.
7) If possible find someone to share your comments and insights. Give them a call so you can talk and share together.
8) You may want to take several moments throughout the day to read all the passages.

Please find each day's scriptures attached in a PDF below.

Questions to Ponder:

1:     What do you think is the key message of this passage? What makes you think this?

2:     What did you learn from this passage?

3:     Which point in this passage spoke to you the most? How did it affect you?

4:     Is there something in this passage that surprised you? If so, how were you surprised?

5:     How is this passage relevant to what is happening in life today?

6:     What is one passage that encourages you? How does it encourage you?

7:     What is one passage that inspires you? How does it inspire you?

8:     Is there anything confusing within these passages?