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Good afternoon to everyone:

I hope this finds you well and that you're managing as best you can with all the social isolation. If you are getting bored - here is something you can do to help me out. I am writing to ask for your support and help at a new project at Grace. Someone made a suggestion to me about building a Covid19 prayer wall at the front of the church. I thought it was an interesting and creative idea - so I'm hoping that you will help me make this happen.

The prayer wall is meant to help all of us as members of Grace Church be more mindful and prayerful for people within our community and throughout the world who are moving through this difficult time of Covid19. It will help to take our focus off ourselves and place it on others - which is a very positive thing to do. I'm wanting to invite the children of the congregation to draw me a picture that I will tape up to the wall and use as part of the focus in worship on each Sunday. The picture could represent your hope and wish for what's happening at this time or could be a picture of some aspect of faith. Hopefully moms and dads will help the kids think about something they can do. I also want to invite the teens and children to paint some rocks that I will use as part of the display. The rock can be of any size [as long as I can lift it] and you can paint the rocks your favourite colour or you can paint a message on the rock, so that it might be - the rock of hope, or the rock of joy or the rock of faith. Once the kids have made their pictures and I am hoping mom and dad will take a picture of the picture on their phones and send it to the church email address ( ). Or you can drop the actual picture off through the mail slot at the church. The rocks of course you will have to drop off and leave them at the door.

The adults of the congregation – I would like you to write a prayer that represents how you're feeling at this time, or poem or writing that is about faith that will be a source of encouragement and strength. The other aspect of the covid19 prayer wall is on a table below the wall there will be a rock garden filled with candles the reminds us of Christ who is the light of the world and provides hope for us as we move into the future. Included in the garden I am hoping there will be flowers – if you have flowers in your gardens and you would like to contribute them to our garden each week, please drop them off at the church on Thursday sometime. I will use them in the garden and it will provide a fresh look each week. So we have daffodils, pussy willows or other spring flowers when they come up - like tulips – if you would like to contribute them to the garden that would be wonderful, thank you.

My hope is that we will have the Covid19 prayer wall for the duration of the social isolation and emergency state - which could last for another five weeks. You'll be able to watch how this garden shifts and changes through the weeks as it will be part of the weekly worship experience. It is going to start this week so put on your thinking caps and please help me out. Be creative, use all your artistic abilities and creative writing. Take care for now.