Attention Faith Travellers! Assemble at the Faith Station for some exciting new faith exploration!  We launch each Sunday with lift-off straight from Children’s Time during worship at 10am. 

You might have known it as “Sunday School”.  Well, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for action, discovery, a little mystery, and lots of fun as we explore ways to navigate in this complicated world.  Together we’ll pick up some very valuable tools – spiritual tools – and fit them in our tool belts so that we’re ready for pretty well anything. All kids are welcome aboard!

I’ll meet you at Children’s Time and guide you down to our Faith Station.  Parents/guardians/caregivers: please make sure you have picked up and filled out a registration form, available on the desk at the back of the sanctuary.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas season, wherever you are in your celebrations, whether the Christmas tree is still up, or if the tree and decorations are packed away and the goodies plate is empty. I hope you had some wonderful moments with those around you, that you shared the season with, and blessings to a wonderful New Year in 2023.