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Eastertide Greetings,
Are you feeling pretty topsy turvy with all the news of the week? Celebrate your spirit being fed, joining us for worship livestream or on-line. Invite others! We are trying hard to stay the course. Worship gets ever more challenging with no practices being allowed midweek. Reach out to members of the band, the choir and our faithful music leadership Tony, Paul and Bev! They are doing such an amazing job of trying to be persistent to make things work and to ensure quality. These are very committed musicians and trying to “prepare” in a short time, with very restricted resources, before worship 1 or between worship 1 and 2 in readiness for worship 2 It is a heroic feat.
The singing booths are not easy to work in. Challenges to hear, to use the microphone systems needed within the booth and to be without fellow musicians in the full band or choir is testimony of Grace being beloved for its music. Further restrictions go into effect Monday, ten people in the building meaning if the Board approves continued worship, we will further have to reduce the worship team. We also extend incredible thanks and gratitude to the tech team. It is a delicate dance.
What Sheila produces on PowerPoint looks different on the laptop for LCD and again transmits differently on the livestream. The loss of all “soft-support" in the sanctuary means it is really more like a gymnasium sound with a lot of echo if you are actually in the sanctuary. This is after effects of sanctuary renovations and needs still being addressed for essential sound treatments and additional speakers. As always your Grace Community of Faith works hard to tweak and adjust, to explore and research with efforts to continue to improve. Whether replacing microphones or readjusting focus, or sound levels or trying to fit LCD timing, the efforts are tireless.
We are so fortunate to have the dedication of people who pour so much time and energy into bringing everything together. The worship team meets once a month for two to three hours continually. Let tech and worship know you appreciate it and are holding all in prayer. We may not have the polish of some other places that deal with different variables but I can say with absolute conviction, that Grace is committed and is working hard. We appreciate your love, support and encouragement. If you or someone you know has music, tech or worship team interests, let us know. We can’t wait to be able to gather and welcome new and returning folks to work with us.
We appreciate every view and all of your feedback. You are staying the course with all you are managing. Hold tight to your faith. Feel the hope and resilience of others. Stay connected and keep reaching out. Your connections to anyone in the Grace Family of Faith makes such a big difference.  If you have news to share, please let me know! We all want to stay connected.
Don’t forget to join us on Zoom after Worship 2 livestream. It is usually around noon. It means a lot to see familiar and new faces, to hear how you are all doing.
It is Earth Day on Thursday. Wednesday night at 6:00 we are inviting everyone to zoom with us in a litterless dinner challenge. Can you reduce garbage, reuse items, recycle. Maybe it will be leftovers, a great way to reuse! Come visit. Why you ask, did I not do this Thursday on Earth Day? Thursdays are supposed to be band and choir practice so we wanted everyone to have opportunity and it was scheduled before we went into these newer restrictions!
Cards! Cards! Cards!
We are looking for more cards. There is no particular theme. They can be painted, coloured, creatively crafted, whatever you like. The inside can be left blank. We would welcome all handmade cards made by people of any age! The idea is to have cheerful cards, something to brighten someone’s day and bring a smile. If you would like to join us for craft and chat, come join us on Zoom Wednesday evenings at 7:00 P.M. or Thursday mornings at 11:00. All most welcome!
Income Tax—More Opportunity Joanne Gray, Voluntary Tax Support
Joanne has kindly volunteered to help anyone who needs assistance with completing their 2020 tax return.
Are you looking for some more deepening spiritual practices, time with others to chat. Tuesday lunch bunch and spiritual practices returns starting Tuesday April 13 from noon to 1:00 P.M. We’ll be exploring greater mindfulness in April. It’s all on my Zoom link.
Don’t forget to contact Jane Bleecker for gift cards.
Please plan to drop in and share in fellowship by Zoom, Sunday April 18 following worship 2 livestream.
Sun. April 18 Easter 3 Sharon preaching.
Tues. April 20 Lunch Bunch and Spiritual Practices noon to 1:00 P.M. Come have virtual lunch with us on Zoom.
Wed. April 21 evening Zoom Craft and Chat at 7:00 P.M. Join us! Bring whatever you like to craft or just come and chat!
Thursday April 22 Earth Day craft and chat meets Thursday at 11:00 by Zoom.
Sun. April 25 Easter 4 Celia Hunter preaching, Sharon worship leader
Sun. May 2 Easter 5 Sharon preaching, Communion
Sun. May 9 Easter 6 Susan Sweet Lebeau preaching Christian Family Sunday Rural Sunday
Sat. May 15 National Chocolate Chip Day—have some fun with that!
Prayers Please
This is a struggling time for people. Everyone is carrying concerns and joys. Pray for all you love, for each other, for this community of faith and for needs locally, nationally, and globally. Thank-you for all prayers.
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