Grace United Church


Listed below are all the fees associated with a wedding at Grace Church.  If your ceremony is to take place at another location, the following applies:

within city limits:
  $280 for the minister, plus $40 administration;

outside city limits: $330 for the minister, plus $40 administration;

boat cruise/island: $350 for the minister, plus $40 administration.

Fees for Weddings at Grace Church

Some of the fees listed below are for optional services.  We have included all possible costs, so that you know the maximum amount, and can consider all the services we offer.  Only the first four items on the list are mandatory costs.

Grace United Church Sanctuary:  $150.
Officiant (Minister): $200.
Custodian: $75.
Administration: $40.
Organist/pianist: $125.
Sound system: $75.
Printed program: $10. (plus the cost of bulletin covers)
Powerpoint presentation: $40

Please discuss the options with one of our administrative assistants.  We ask that you bring all fees due to the church office, along with your wedding license, at least one or two weeks before your wedding day.  It would be very much appreciated if you could submit the fees in separate denominations in order to facilitate distribution.