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Grace United church since 2006 has been travelling each year to Honduras to support and encourage the children the people within that country.  We work in partnership with a local organization called Friends of Honduran Children.  The primary goal of our mission trips is to build structures that will be supportive and helpful the people in that area. Every November between 12 and 25 volunteers contribute their time, energy and resources to assist in the construction of our projects.   Guided by the expertise of a local construction team over the last nine years we have been able to construct:
●        3 homes for children in the orphanage known as Nuevo Paradiso;  
●        2 prefab housing units,
●        5 one-room schools in the southwestern mountain regions of Honduras.
Over the last five years Grace Church is also provided much-needed school supplies for six role schools within the region of  El Paradiso.  Each year as we travel to these rural schools the teachers are incredibly grateful for the most basic school supplies such as paper, pencils, plastic rulers etc.
In November of this year [2015] we will once again be travelling to Honduras to engage in new and unique project - 34 individual, from the Peterborough area, will be constructing a medical clinic close to the small town of Moroceli.  This medical clinic will be staffed by Honduran doctors and nurses and will provide much needed medical support for individuals and families in that area. Below you will notice a picture of the clinic that we are planning to build this year.
In addition to building the medical clinic we will also be travelling to six rural schools to once again provide supplies for the teachers and the children.

A number of Grace Church members sponsor a child through Friends of Honduran Children ( .

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