Grace United Church

Young people can get together during the Sunday School time at the 9:00 am within the 8+ group gathering each week for discussion, games and, in some instances, Confirmation preparation.  They are also invited to join us for Sunday worship, at either our 9:00 a.m. Contemporary Worship time or for our 10:30 traditional service.  We know that our young people are busy with social lives, school and extra-curricular activities, so we're happy to see them when they come to worship and spend some time looking at life from a spiritual angle.  We find that, not surprisingly, they are just as engaged as the next person by the sermon and the music of worship.  We enjoy connecting with them and finding out about all the great things they are doing: singing in choirs, playing in bands, taking part in a wide range of sports and activities. 

A number of the Youth at Grace are involved with 19th Grace Scouting, where they develop their leadership skills and participate actively in community projects.  Several young people volunteer to assist, when they can, in the Nursery.