Grace United Church

Parish Nurses and Health Cabinet

The Health Cabinet supports Carol Allen the Parish Nurse in serving by promoting the healing ministries of the United Church, understanding the relationship between faith and health. Carol is involved in pastoral care, health promotion, healing pathway, sages senior exercise and balance program, and Ministry of Compassion food bank.

Our health cabinet promotes health and wellness of mind, body and spirit within Grace and beyond. 
We have a very successful roast beef dinner annually (
Mark your calendars; The Health Cabinet Roast Beef dinner will take place on April 22, 2017); three to four "Lunch and Learn" events after second service brings in guest speakers addressing many varied health concerns.  Food is a wonderful tool to help people laugh, meet new people, socialize and network while enjoying the wonderful cooking and baking skills of our Grace Ladies.
Monthly blood pressure clinics, on the third Sunday of the month after seceond service,  advise people of healthy levels and encourage others when they require a physician visit.
Weekly Sages seniors gentle exercise and balance program has continued uninterrupted for over 16 years - Mondays at 9:30 -10:30 a.m.
Carol is the weekly "in house nurse" for the ministry of Compassion food bank.
Healing Pathway ministry is a new addition available weekly to administer care and healing of our Grace family and friends. Individuals can book appointments to experience a relaxing meditation, full body balance, techniques addressing such things as pain an
xiety, depression and visceral congestion.
The Health Cabinet meets the fourth Tuesday of each month and defines short and long term goals which embrace our Grace Vision.
Every three to four years we encourage our congregation to complete a "needs survey" to advise us about what they would like the health cabinet to accomplish in our education luncheons.
The Health Cabinet continues to be an integral part of encouraging our Grace family the importance of our faith in addressing the stresses and joys of our living.