Grace United Church
Giving at Grace

At Grace, we are encouraged to recognize the gifts that God has given to each one of us.  As followers of Christ, we use our gifts to do the work we are called to do.

In the same way, we acknowledge with thanksgiving that we are blessed to be a blessing in our world.  It is through our weekly offering that we as a church are able to serve and make a difference for Christ, near and far.  Our budget, passed by the congregation at the beginning of each year at our annual Congregational Meeting, ensures that our givings sustain all the facets of our Vision.

You can donate to the work of Grace Church through CanadaHelps by clicking on the CanadaHelps icon on this page.  All donations over $25.00 will be receipted for income tax purposes.

Congregation members are encouraged to make use of PAR, the pre-authorized remittance plan offered through the United Church of Canada.  For many, PAR is a convenient way to make our church offerings a priority, and to honour our church commitment.  When we sign up for PAR, we are guaranteeing our offering each month to Grace Church. 


Pamphlets explaining how PAR works are available just outside the office, and Colleen, our treasurer, can help set up the plan for you and answer any questions.  Please call us at 705-742-5846 (church office) if you would like more information.

Donate Now Through!

Donate Now Through!