Grace United Church
Contemporary Worship

At Grace, we call this Worship One, simply because, time-wise, it is the first of our two Sunday services.

At Worship One we invite you to come as you are - 9:00 a.m. on a Sunday can be a challenge for some!
It certainly doesn't seem to be that hard to get our children up for this Sunday morning celebration of faith - the younger ones are dancing in the aisles and the older ones eagerly take the microphone at Children's Time to answer questions and tell stories of their own.

Our Worship One Band leader is Tony Mason.  He works with Rev. Lyle to match contemporary worship songs to the theme of the message for the day.  Lyle and Tony have teamed up to write a number of the worship songs we sing, while others are used with permission through our CCLI license. Through the songs, the rhythm of our time together takes us from celebration and praise through reflection and meditation, and sends us off into the week on a note of joy and confidence.  Powerpoint projection helps everyone join in the songs and also effectively illustrates the message.  Some of the members of our Worship Band and other congregation members volunteer as worship leaders, to lead us in prayer during our time together.  To support the vision of Grace Church - 'Beyond Our Limits, Beyond Our Walls' - people are invited to contribute an offering if they are able and moved to do so.

We invite you to join us.  Come in and sit wherever you like.  Every week we enjoy greeting new faces.  We'd like you to stay after, if you can, to have a mug of tea or coffee, or juice, and some cookies.  The Nursery is always open for infants, toddlers and children through age 4, and there are Sunday School classrooms for ages 5-11 and up.