Grace United Church
Our Vision

‘Beyond Our Limits, Beyond Our Walls'
  • affirms our faith in Christ who came to make a difference in the lives of others;
  • reminds us of the blessings God has given to us and enables us to share our blessings with others in need;
  • enables us to witness the way that God works through the people of our congregation;
  • deepens our compassion towards others in need;
  • enables us to see we can make a difference in the lives of others both near and far.
The purpose of the Vision of our church is to strengthen and unite our congregation in the way that Christ is calling us to proceed.  The role of the church is changing from a group of individuals who work within the walls of a building to a body of people who work outside the walls of the church both near and far.  This Vision is our opportunity as a church to bring the spiritual principles of hope, faith, love and compassion to impact our community here in Peterborough and in places throughout the world.

To donate to the Vision of Grace Church, please go to the 'What's Up' menu and click on 'Giving at Grace'. 

If you have any questions regarding the Vision of Grace Church we invite you to call our office at 705-742-5846 or contact us through the web site.

What does our Vision support?

'Beyond our limits' includes:
  • a strong and active Sunday School at both worship services;
  • two weekly worship experiences, one contemporary, one traditional;
  • Sages – an exercise program for seniors;
  • Ministry of Compassion, our Grace Church Food Bank;
  • Two parish nurses who work with the Health Cabinet to promote healthy living for individuals and families in need;
  • Three Collective Kitchen programs, in partnership with the Peterborough County CityHealth Unit;
  • Community Repair Team, providing small household repairs to seniors and individuals in need;
  • Christmas and Easter children’s programs in the community;
  • Two lay associate ministers;
  • Full range of Scouting programs – Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers;
  • Support for community groups that include the Kiwanis Music Festival, Friends of Honduran Children, the Peterborough Breast Cancer Support Group, the Quota Club and more;
  • Children’s program director;
  • Staff: our minister Rev. Lyle, administrative assistant Sheila, treasurer Colleen, custodian Debbie, music director Paul, choir director Bev, and band leader Tony.

'Beyond Our Walls' includes:  

  • Support for the Mission and Service Fund which combines all the annual gifts to the United Church of Canada to support service and ministry across Canada and around the globe (see and enter M&S at a glance);
  • Honduran Building Brigades: organized by Grace Partnership in Faith and working through Friends of Honduran Children (, volunteers travel annually as a team to Honduras to contribute financially and physically to a building project such as a home or a school that enhances the quality of life for Honduran children